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“Bodyspace is a truly unique, holistic collaboration between the industries finest fitness and health specialists.”

David Higgins, Co-Founder BodySpace

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  • Advance diagnostic screening & assessment
  • Hyper-personalised support
  • Privacy & discretion
  • Luxury environments
  • Wellness & fitness concierge
  • Specialised staff
  • Unrivalled integrity
  • Access to the latest health technologies
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Our Lifestyle Performance Programmes are overseen by designated Lifestyle Performance programme leaders who co-ordinate a bespoke team delivering the most hyper-personalised approach to health and wellbeing available in London. This highly skilled team has expertise in physiology, biomechanics, performance testing and analysis, psychology and human behaviour, physiotherapy, osteopathy, TCM and nutrition. Combining eastern and western philosophies for maximal performance in gut health, menopause management, sleep, pain and mobility, human performance, strength and fitness conditioning and much more.

Our Lifestyle Performance Medical Team oversee the management of lifestyle-related health problems to help clients and families optimise health including chronic disease prevention. The team combine functional and practical strategies with cutting-edge evaluations and medical testing.

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